The Question:

I am delighted to hear that the NRCS/city have found enough resources to clean up the old refinery next to the railroad tracks in West Laramie. Has anyone looked into the cost and potential environmental/human health benefits of a similar clean-up at the old electronics recycling facility south of town, near the Mountain Cement plant? My understanding is that there were legal questions about who currently owns the facility. Is anyone trying to resolve these issues, and is there enough interest among citizens or the NRCS to pursue a clean-up of this eyesore and hazard?

The Answer:

“For clarification, the local Laramie Rivers Conservation District purchased the old refinery property on North Cedar and is partnering with the city to clean it up.  The federal NRCS has nothing to do with it.  Tony Hoch, Director, Laramie Rivers Conservation District can be reached at telephone number 307-721-0072.
As for the industrial property south of Mountain Cement, the ownership question is very much resolved and the property owners are working with the DEQ's Volunteer remediation program to clean up arsenic oxide and asbestos contaminants in the buildings. There is a public website for this project:  The local lead agency on this is the Albany County Planner's Office. Questions can directed to David Gertsch, County Planner, at telephone number 307-721-2568.”