Your Question:

How is the city's recycling program doing? Are the people of Laramie recycling what we should, or are we putting a lot of stuff in the recycling cans that shouldn't be there? And if we are, what are we trying to recycle that we shouldn't?

The City's Response:

The results of the new Curbside Recycling Program have been extremely encouraging.  Materials that have been collected generally meet the guidelines laid out by the City and Waste Management and the volume is within expectations.   Contamination is low, for a start-up program.  We will continue to work with the community to increase the volume of recyclables and to decrease contamination.  Currently, we are utilizing the efforts of UW Business Marketing programs to assist in information gathering and potentially a marketing strategy to couple with the ongoing Waste Management and City of Laramie staff to improve program efficiencies.

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