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I have noticed that the stop lights on 3rd and Harney, 9th and Harney, and Snowy Range and Colorado all change way too quickly. There is not enough time for two cars to get through the lights without it quickly changing to red again. If you have to wait for oncoming traffic then there is no way of getting through the lights. Why are they set to change so quickly? Cars end up running the red lights because they don't want to sit through 3 light changes. 

The City's Answer:

Traffic control light timing on 3rd Street and on Snowy Range Road are set by Wyoming Department of Transportation.  Each light is timed to coincide with an overall traffic sequence to allow the most efficient traffic flow and the shortest delays along the entire length of roadway.  To achieve this, WYDOT will assign individual sequencing at each intersection based upon the Traffic Engineer’s assessment. This concern has been forwarded to WYDOT for review and an appropriate solution by the City Manager's Office. For additional information, contact WYDOT at 307-745-2100.

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