Your Question:

Why is there not a road that connects 45th to Grand Ave? It could come out between Snowy Range Academy and the Hampton Inn. There is already a stop light there! Think about how much traffic would be diverted between Grays Gable and 30th street. Plus, easier access to the Rec Center, LCCC, and of course shopping.

The City's Answer:

The City, County, and State recently updated the Major Street Plan, a long-range regional planning document, and this Plan does in fact show an eventual connection from Boulder Drive north to 45th Street. The City agrees that this connection would help traffic flow and public-safety access in eastern Laramie. However, financially, only a few new streets through undeveloped territory are critical enough to warrant ‘fast-track’ construction with public funds.

 Typically, any new connector like this one would be built when owners of the land around it decide to develop their property. In this case, the City isn’t aware of development plans by any of the three major landowners between 45th Street and Boulder Drive. Much of this territory would be physically challenging to develop. If that day comes, however, City regulations require a developer to build, or set aside money for building, its share of the new road.

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