It might just be the coolest sporting event you have never heard of, a competition between the Army and the Air Force.

Today in Laramie, a special group of University of Wyoming students, Air Force and Army ROTC cadets, will go head-to-head... with sports. The annual "friendly fire" known as Army-Air Force Sports Day between the Cowboy Battalion and Detachment 940 will determine who provide one side with a year's supply of bragging rights.

Following the basic rules of UW intramural sports, the competition will commence at 8 a.m. with a game of dodgeball. As the day goes on, the two sides will battle in basketball, volleyball, soccer, a relay race, water polo and conclude with a game of flag football. Whichever side wins the most events will be this year's winner.

No one is quite certain how long it's been going on, but both sides will argue that they have won more years than not. Ultimately, it isn't a competition about history- it doesn't matter who has won more years, all that matters is who will win today.