The 2012 Albany County Fund Drive raised a record $380,678 in just one week for the Cowboy Joe Club. More than 60 volunteers helped bring in the money, which will go towards educational and operational costs of University of Wyoming student-athletes.

Volunteers went out in the Laramie community and solicited new memberships, renewals, and increases to Cowboy Joe Club donations and was organized by Volunteer Chairman Rod Chisolm. For the third consecutive year, volunteer Mike Bott, who brought in five new members and raised more that $20,600, was named the drive’s best fundraiser and was awarded a road trip to Las Vegas to watch the Cowboy Football team take on UNLV this fall.

University of Wyoming supporters who donate to the Cowboy Joe Club have a great understanding of the importance of being more than a fan. Contributors to the Cowboy Joe Club are allowing Wyoming Athletics to keep pace with the changes occurring within college athletics. All indications show that Albany County will surpass the $500,000 mark in annual donations by the conclusion of 2012. Albany County sets a target for our future fund drives throughout the state. We can’t thank our volunteers and donors enough for setting the bar so high. The ‘Drive for 5,000’ members in 2012 is well underway.
-Director of Development Jeff Pivic

With Albany County now complete, the Cowboy Joe Club looks to Laramie and Natrona Counties, which both kick off in early February. Anyone interested in joining the Cowboy Joe Club for in its 2012 “Drive for 5,000” members, may call the Cowboy Joe Club office at (307) 766-6242 or visit