Six UW faculty members have been chosen to conduct research projects for the "Yellowstone" Super Computer's second cycle of use.

The  National Center for Atmospheric Research, or NCAR, super computer was unveiled near Cheyenne last October.  It was said during that ribbon-cutting ceremony, that the NCAR Wyoming Super Computer would provide opportunities for the University of Wyoming, and now, during the computer's second cycle, some of those opportunities are being announced.

According to a release from the University of Wyoming, six research projects, "ranging from studying the efficiency of wind farms to the effect of clouds on long-term climate," were chosen and approved by a panel appointed by the Computer Information Science Laboratory at NCAR

Six UW professors will head the computational science research projects.  Those projects, according to the university, will used approximately 30 million core processor hours.

Two of the six professors, Bart Geerts and Dimitri Marviplis, also headed computational research projects during the supercomputer's first cycle of use, which began last November.

According to the release, UW researchers for the projects will start to have access to the NCAR Wyoming Super Computer sometime in early February.